Kenya mud

Think we're safe here?

This guy worked for an hour!

O yeah!

Fixing the car

Maybe in a few years Alex...

These things are great! Especially when you got the D...


Looks heavy, but it's not...

Very good coffee and tea.

Public transport for a change

Waiting for the visa... boring.

Our hotel room

It's english, really, it is!

Meskel square, it's huge!

Addis by nightfall

After 11 days Alex gets his application form.

Us with Mr Whaleed, the 'visa-man'

Finally, we got them! Let's blow this joint...

At 3500 metres altitude, it's cold!

Looking good guys

Our first African tunnel! And the darkest ever...

Beautiful mist

Beautiful roadkill (not ours by the way)

Speaks for itself

These guys just keep tipping over...

These pics are from the rock hewn churches in Lalibela

View from Lalibela

Mingling with the locals

We met the guys from on the way from Lalibela to Mekele

The latest in laundry drying: the "Jan-Willem 2000", runs om beer and cookies...

This is at Debre Damo, the men-only monastery on top of a mountain. We had to climb up...

Out of order

In the Ethiopian highlands, everything is so pretty!

Ethiopian equivalent of the Dutch 'oliebol'