So entering Uganda has been the most hangover entry we've ever had! Luckily we had no troubles at the border, except that a guy said Mrs. to Pietje. This time a sign said: 'Keep Left'. Because of the problems with our Sudan visa we wanted to be in Kampala quickly. With one stopover we arrived there on Tuesday. The embassy said it could take up to one month! Damn. So we moved all our hope to Nairobi and decided we should be there as soon as possible. The same day we drove untill Jinja, not far from Kampala.

Jinja is the place where the (White) Nile river starts from Lake Victoria. In Jinja we thought that we had deserved a days rest. It is possible to do white water rafting, though we spend the day playing golf and relaxing and eating. Most relaxing part is that you're not driving. We took a moto-taxi; though the speed was not very high it was nice to drive with 3 people on it through wet grass and mud etc. We had to get off sometimes but didn't fall! In Jinja we stayed at Nile River Explorers, an OK backpackers place with food and bar etc. That night was very rainy again, luckily our tent is still waterproof. From Jinja to the border is not very far, about 120km. Even though the road was pretty good it took us 3 hours. Both Uganda and Kenya customs was quick and without problems. A guy washed our car but only the half we could see...

It is a pity we have had to cross Uganda so fast. The country is beautiful and we really would have liked to spend more time visiting parks and volcanoes. It seems that it is not difficult to travel around (you see pretty much tourists) so we will be back (not on this trip)!