After we had pickud up Leen + Elly, the car was a bit full but driving with 4 persons was no problem actually. We explored Lusaka on a Sunday, where there is absolutely nothing to do. The main goal was to find an ATM; though not one was working. We tried one with all the logo's on it and it didn't give cash, though the amount has been debited from our account! Afterall it was a nice walk and we had nothing else to do. We had diner at the hotel where they had small crocs swimming around.

The next day we went en route to South Luangwa National Park with a stop in Chipata; it was a long drive. The road from Chipata to the park was terrible and we covered only 130 km's in 4.5 hours. We stayed at Flat Dogs, a really nice accomodation. Leen + Elly had the open treehouse which was really special while we had to do it with our roof-top tent. At night, hippo's and elephants are extremely close and make a lot of noise eating and wandering around. We did some game drives and I must say the park is beautiful. Also we did a check-up on the car in the garage of Flatdogs and we could not find any problems!

On thursday we crossed the border into Zambia at Kazangula. Here you take a ferry across the point where the Zambezi river and the Chobe river meet. This point is actually the border of four countries: Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The moment we drove onto the ferry, we noticed we we're entering a whole different country. All types of guys came up to the car, offering to help you get across the border etc etc. We thought we would manage, but we didn't. We ended up using a guy to show us what to do and where to do it and to chnge some US dollars into Zambian Kwatcha. All in all it took us 1 hour and 100 USD (ferry pay, road tax, carbon tax and insurance). We alsp had the carnet stamped, this gave somne trouble in Botswana because those nitwits customs in PE stampd on the wrong page. but we sorted it all out. And at 11 am we we're checked in Falty Towes backpackers in Livingstone. We had lunch and went to the falls. I (pietje) did a bungy jump over the Zambezi river (absolutely amazing!!!!). After that we checked out the falls.
Yesterday we went rafting all day long, this was extremely cool but also extremely tiring. So right now are bodies hurt. We'll upload some foto's for you guys and them jump in the pool and get something to eat. Tomorrow Elly and Leen Roossink are flying in, so we're picking them up from the airport.
Bye Bye!!!