Hi Hi Hi! We're online again, and this time it's from an internet cafe in Windhoek, Namibia. After our wine tasting last Friday we drove back to Mike (a bit tipsy but nobody cares over here) for a beautiful braai with Mike and his wife. We talked a lot about Africa and travelling. After a good nights sleep we were on our way to Namibia. Unfortunately the weather was terrible, the road was bad and wind came from the front. So we were not that fast. At around 15:00 we checked into a lodge in Springbok. This must be the most boring town in South Africa, so we were in bed by nine o'clock...

Next day we crossed the border into Namibia, that went fine. Apparently South Africa, Namibia and Botswana are part of the same customs unit, because we did not need the carnet to be stamped. We drove on to Ai-Ais where there was a great camping with a pool heated by the hot spring nearby. Here we also made our first home made braai! Delicious. The next day we went to the tiny town Aus, where there was absolutely nothing. Because we were so bored we've cut our hair! We both have 6mm now, feels great!

The next day we visited Duwisib Castle. Because we were there early we decided to drive on to Sesriem. Here we met two Swiss guys travelling through Namibia, we had our braai together (and beer).

The next morning we got up at 5h45 and drove towards the Sossusvlei and Deathvlei. It was beautiful to see the sun come up behind you whilst driving through the magnificent red dunes and see the shadows over them; see the pictures. Here we climbed one dune (very tough) and ran down again. At around 11h30 we filled up with diesel and went towards Rehoboth. We knew there are two campsites in Rehoboth. The first was OK, but we just went to go look for the other one: Lake Oanab Resort. This was a paradise!! Next to a beautiful lake we camped right next to the water, with a magnificent sunset and good food in the restaurant on top of the hill. This was truly on oasis in the dessert.

Today we did the short drive to Windhoek (90km) where we will stay today and tomorrow. We checked into the Carboard Box backpackers hostel, and it's great (pool, bar, great showers etc etc). Tonight we'll look around a bit in Windhoek. Tomorrow we're meeting the Swiss here and drink some more beer together.