South Africa 

Yesterday we went up Table mountain by cableway and got down on foot. A pretty hard walk of about 1.5 hours but really beautiful and a good exercise for the Kilimanjaro. After that we drove to Mike, nice guy and he had beautiful stories of his many overlanding trips. He also gave us tips for our route. Luckily we could spend the night there. Today we will be drinking a lot of wine before returning to Mike again. There we can overnight and tomorrow morning we will be heading for Namibia!

Ok, so after waiting around in PE for a week, we finally collected the car last monday. Still lots of things had to be arranged (insurance, return the rental). So we stayed one more night and left for Hermanus the next mornig. Got there at around 7 pm, beautiful drive! The next day we spotted some whales, had breakfast overlooking the bay and after that we head for Hannibal in Cape Town. These guys were great, terrific service! It only took about 90 min to fully equip our car with the roofrack, roof tent and other. After that we bought some last stuff, filled up the gas bottle etc. Then we went to Paarl to spend the night, stayed at a camping and had our first night in the rooftent (was great!). Today our last day in CPT, to buy maps, see Table mountain and tonight it's Paarl again to meet Mike Copeland (the man who inspired us to do this trip). Tomorrow we're off north in the direction of Namibia! We could use a few hours in a laundromat, we both have been wearing the same pair of sock for a long long time... We stink a bit. We will try to put some pictures on the site soon, we promise...

Still in Port Elisabeth. After the 800km drive last Tuesday we thought picking up the car would costs us an hour or so. Now we hope customs will give it free today! Actually customs has agreed for the car AND the stuff inside already on Wednesday, but then it had to go through 'the system'. We have seen Kale Harry, and found out some things are missing. Because of no signs of burglary, someone must have used the key to get in. Most important thing missing is the toolbox and some camping gear. Replaceble but still a fucked up feeling that someone has been in our so well prepared car and just taken things. Lets hope to leave PE today, we'll see.

We're in Cape Town, all went well. Almost a problem to get through customs. Because of a single ticket, the customs wants to have proof that we also leave the country. Jan-Willem was stopped and the officer was making problems, though Alexander already received his visa three desks further. The officer decided to give Jan-Willem the visa also, but when you guys do this trip next time... Tomorrow we collect the Land Rover (Kale Harry).