Jan-Willem has had most of his vaccinations when he went to Kinshasa, Congo a year ago. But Alexander still needed a lot. We both now have had the following vaccinations:

- Hepatitis A
- Hepatitis B
- Yellow fever
- Rabies
- Meningitis
- Typhus
- Cholera (stamp)

Malaria prophylaxis

Since in most of the countries we will pass there is a malaria risk, we will be taking malaria prophylaxis. In general, there are two main types of malaria prophylaxis: Malarone and Lariam. Malarone is a daily pill with little side-effects, but is quite expensive, 3 euros per pill. Lariam also costs 3 euros per pill, butt is only taken weekly. More side effects are reported for this drug, e.g. bad dreams, nervousness, headache, insomnia and more. Jan-Willem still has Malarone pills left from his stay in Congo, so he will probably be using Malarone. Alexander has tried Lariam for three weeks, and besides waking up next to his bed a few times, there were no side effects. So he will be using Lariam.

Medical kit

Of couse we will also bring a (big) medical kit. Our medical kit will contain at least the following:

- Activar cream
- Anti-Malaria
- Dettol
- Spray Bottle
- Wet wipes
- Vitamins
- Bandage clips
- Ear buds
- Nose drops
- Eye drops
- Bandage clips
- Biogaze
- Immodium
- Money (dollars)
- Plasters
- Polyrinse
- Scissors
- Sleeping pills
- Distilled water
- Splints
- Sterile swabs
- Thermometer
- Zinc plaster
- Arnica
- Burn dressings
- Gloves disposable
- Antibiotics
- Neck brace
- Slings
- Tweezers
- Tick remover
- Voltaren
- Jodium
- Rennies
- Spray freeza
- Mosquito + DEET
- Norit
- Bandage
- Aspirine
- Paracetamol
- watten
- sun lotion
- Claritine/Semprex
- Needles
- isolation blankets
- laxantative
- Oxford Medical Handbook

Other precautions

Of course, bringing the right medical equipment is very important. But almost as important it is to take some logical precautions. For instance wearing long shirts and pants at the end of the day and at night, because thatís when the malaria bug bites. Same thing for klamboe, bring lots and use it. Another thing is drinking water. You should be very careful with this. If possible, only drink bottled water. If not possible, cook the water. Something most people forget about is ice cubes. Avoid them, because you donít know from wich water itís made. An infected ice cube is enough to get really sick. So weíll have to be carefull!